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Many times our ears listen to the complaints of different women about their heels. But what if your heels also want to complaint? Have you ever tried to listen to the voice of your heels? Yes, a lot of things happens with your heels also, that all the girls ignore.

Before they go on strike start listening to them

Listen to what they have to say…

“Every time all the girls do complaints about us but have they ever thought that we can also have complaints against them. They say we are uncomfortable, we give pains to their feet. Then who told them to wear us. We haven’t told them.”

“Heels are like this, my heels have done that to me and blah, blah. We are not like union team, who every time goes on strike. We are like a best friend of yours, we give you that extra height. We make your body look graceful. Though, you girls wear us on those days also that are not meant for us. Can we ask why?”

Mud Bath

Almost every heel of girls has faced ‘Mud Bath’. Being a human we don’t like a tiny drop of mud on our face, but you walk down in rainy season wearing your heels. Their whole face gets covered with mud.

Sticky Chewing gum

God has given eyes to all human. But some girls don’t use them while walking on the road. And the either they fall down (again blame their heels) or sticky chewing gum stick to their heels. More than you, your heels feel disgusting (Chhiii).

Help I am sinking

Heels sinking in the sand. Everyone knows that while going to visit a desert area or and sand area, one should not carry their pointed heels. They feel exactly the same as you feel while sinking in water.
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