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Why and who we are talking about? We are talking about the helping hands in the school which we used to have before. Those uncles upon whom the whole school, children and parents used to trust. But they have also come under the hands of cruelty.

In the recent past year, we have heard many cases of child abuse, and many of those have done by either school bus driver, conductor, rickshawala or auto wall uncle. Children who trust them so much and consider them as a nice person, now they are doing crime with them.

Heroes are no more- A Hero

In the past time, these uncles of school were used to be children’s favorite because they help them in reaching the house from school. Some of these uncles also help small children in doing their daily tasks such as using toilets, but who knows that in today’s time a news would also come saying- One more child again has become the victim in the school washroom.

These matters of child-abuse are such a shame for those who do this and for those school also who never take action against, just to maintain their school’s pride.

Parents’ tear-filled eyes need the answer
Parents who send their wards with so much trust on the school authorities and staff, they are now getting cheated by these people. The tear-filled eyes of the parents are asking for answers to their questions. But whom door they should knock?

Trusted uncles are no more worthy of their trust, and school authorities just want to save their pride. Here a question arises that where the love of these helping uncle has lost, apart from the development in the society, these swearword also increasing.

Who is answerable for all these? Is it those criminal uncles or the parents who trust them?
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