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In every Indian wedding, henna tattoo (Mehndi) is the most important part. Brides always stay excited during their wedding to get unique and beautiful henna tattoos on their hands and legs. Apart from weddings, women also love applying Mehndi on some special occasions.

There are many different and creative designs a woman can get. From detailed one to stone embellished. Women also love applying henna tattoos not only on their legs or hands, but they are now experimenting with it. Modern women today like unique designs and they are getting it on their neck, upper waist and so on.

So let’s see the designs who have impressed us and hope that’ll impress you as well.

1. Royal Design Mehndi

If you like being simple and yet classic, then this can be your type of mehndi design. This mehndi design is beautifully crafted with lots of elegance and Islamic design.

2. Geometric Designs with Lotus

This unique and modern mehndi design is filled with lots of lotus flowers and geometric patterns in it. And the henna tattoo artist also filled the design with shading patterns. You can also find peacock and roses.

3. Couple Picture Mehndi Desing

This is the latest trend which is going on in this wedding season. Get your would-be-husband picture on your palm with mehndi. This is so cute and will also enchant everyone with your effort for your mehndi.

4. Stone Mehndi Desing

Get ready girls to get this unique stone embellished henna tattoo on your hand. This is so charming and the stones will enhance your mehndi. But remember when you are choosing this design so go for elegant colored stones. You can choose aqua blue, sea green, peace color stone and so on.

5. Glitter Mehndi Design

Glitters are in trend, not only on your bridal lehenga but, now you can also get a shimmery henna tattoo on your palm as well. To enhance the beauty, you can get the glitter color which will match with your lehenga color.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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