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Your brain is kind of a Big Deal.

Brain in a human body is considered as- Chief Organ. As it controls the whole body. Your every action happens after your brain’s command. It is the in-charge of your mind, pumping your hearts, making your lungs breathe and allowing you to feel and think.

That’s why it is important to keep your brain in peak working condition. The food we eat plays an important role in keeping our mind healthy and improving mental health. Nutrition that our brain gets from the food we eat, can improve our memory and concentration power.
There we have listed 5 foods that will boost your mind:

1. Fatty Fish

When it is about brain food, fatty fish always top the list. As it is the good source of omega-3 fatty acids, this fish includes salmon, trout, and sardines. About 60% of the brain is made with fat and half of that is omega-3.

2. Coffee

If you start your day with coffee, then it will be a good news for you. As the coffee includes two main ingredients- caffeine and antioxidant. Where caffeine helps in making our mind active on the other side antioxidants are very useful for the human body. Coffee has positive effects on brain- it increases alertness, improves mood and sharpened the concentration.

3. Turmeric

Using turmeric in food has lots of benefits we all know. Recently, the use of it caught so many buzzes. This deep yellow color curry ingredient apart from giving a nice yellow color to food this also has many benefits. This helps in improving the memory, eases depression and helps in the growth of new brain cells.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli is a-one of the power packed vegetable in the market you can find. It includes antioxidants and also very rich in vitamin K. According to a study, vitamin K improves to better memory. Broccoli also helps in fighting against the brain damage and protect the brain.

5. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate and cocoa powder are full packed with brain-boosting ingredients, including flavonoids, caffeine, and antioxidants. According to a study on the benefits of chocolate, indicates that it sharpen the memory and also slow down the age-related mental illness. Chocolates are meant to bring happiness in life.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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