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Cecilia Paredes an artist who is Peruvian-born, Philadelphia-based mixes photography, painting and performance art in order to create the illusion for her viewers. She is an expert in generating a unique art form. She makes herself her canvas for developing the painting and exactly matches with rich patterns in the background, and her figure aesthetically disappears.

With the goodness of her talent, she manages to blend with the background like a ‘Chameleon on the wall’. She never ditches her idea of covering her skin with the paints directly. And this shows her dedications towards her work, she perfectly blends herself into the floral background.

Spectator Hair

Sometimes she leaves her hair to be suspected in between her and her background. The illusion she creates with the setting of background and color forces her viewer to watch the art piece with much attention. The viewers can’t scroll down they lost themselves in suspecting her, and this is the achievement of her created art.

Human minds are gifted with so much creativity, and those only get famous who got to know their talent like Cecilia Paredes. She mind-blowingly cover herself exactly in the same pattern that she has created in the background for filming and make herself the part of the landscape.

Her performance leaves the spectators mesmerized. And this is the reason that we invited you with us to see her performance and enjoy the unique piece of art.

We are curiously waiting to see her more mind-blowing art piece projects where she would be difficult to suspect.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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