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In the most of the counties with a great work-life balance, émigrés also express above-average satisfaction with their life abroad- for example, those in New Zealand (89%), the Czech Republic (87%) and Costa Rica (88%). Interestingly, according to a recent survey, high satisfaction with work-life balance doesn’t mean that émigrés don’t work a lot.

Let’s see the list and find which country has a good balance:-


Expats working fulltime in Denmark, with just 39.7 hours per week and have the shortest working week in comparison to others. Maybe it is the benefit that non-natives attracted towards, and this calls highly educated expats to work here.


On an average close to half expats in Bahrain (46%) cite work-related reasons for moving there: more than one quarter job seekers found their job own, which is more than twice the global average. And rest was either those who were sent by their employers or wanted to start their own business abroad. It seems that Bahrain is a good place to work because you still have so much time your hand after work to relax.


Émigrés in Norway are highly satisfied with their work-life balance and with the working hours. In fact, they actually spend on an average of 42.9 hours per week, which is actually great timing for expats to work here and still have time for their personal life.

New Zealand

As we know that most expats are moving to New Zealand for living a better life and only six percent citing work-related reasons, it is very much clear that their work is not a priority. Those expats who work there spend exactly two hours less than the average that is- 42.3 hours vs 44.3 hours. Maybe that is one of the reason that why almost three-quarter expats working in New Zealand.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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