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Despite lining up with thousands of others to join yet another regular career, have you ever thought of choosing for these emerging career options which are going to need more employment in the coming era?

Today, the thoughts of youth are not limited to any particular profession. Day by day they are increasing and their interest in doing something creative and unique is also increasing. So as the options of career are also increased. Now you can’t bound yourself to only- Doctors, Engineers, Law or other. Instead, youth today have wider options.

Some of the popular emerging career options are listed below:-

Culinary arts:

As we all know that cookery and food shows are becoming major attraction globally, culinary arts, a sub-domains of the hospitality sector, has now become the most sought-after field for a desirable career. It is the career option which anyone can opt and at any age. Here man, woman, and another gender all are equal, they just need to create gastronomical delights.


This is the art which is not new, it is the oldest form of entertainment. Puppetry is much more than just playing with the puppets, now it has become a profession. Other than entertainment, it has now become an interesting source of educating people and kids. Many schools and institutions are showing their interest in teaching students through puppet shows about various topics.


You must have listened to stories from your grandparents in your childhood, but I guess no one has thought at that time that one day it will also become a paid profession. There are many companies and open mic events where you can get hired and tell stories either to entertain people or to teach them. And you just need to give a kick to your imaginations and have to tell impactful stories. Other than getting a good salary, you can also get fame.

The list doesn’t end here, there are more career options such as- fashion blogger, creative writer, tea sommelier, and media & entertain and so on.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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