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In big metro cities, there is a common problem and that is- small bathrooms. Gone those days when houses used to have big bathrooms and separated toilets. But now because of the increasing population and decreasing land people have to adjust them into a small space, and in the result, they have small bathrooms.

A bathroom has three important elements, a bathing area, a basin, and a toilet and their sizes do have a minimum limit for comfortable use. Everyone should understand the best use of the space in your bathroom so that you can make your small bathroom more useful.

Make the best use of space in your bathroom
You can include some changes in your bathroom or can design it with some smart choices so that your small bathroom looks spacious.

You can create an illusion of space by mounting the pot on the wall and this will make your floor cleaning better. The minimum required size for a bathroom pot is 30 inches, though it is recommended to use a toilet pot of roughly 34-36 inches, this seems to be the more comfortable measurement.

You can experiment with your basin, you can construct a stone table basin and can include cupboard under it. This will give you space to keep your bathroom essentials and you won’t need extra space. Or you can also choose a corner basin, this will save more space in your bathroom.

And for the bathing space, it is recommended that if your bathroom has more length than width, you can create a division by including a glass gate or bathroom curtains. If you want to include tubs, the standard size is 60 inch in length and 30 inches in width. The depth of the tub can vary from 15 inches to 22 inches, depth hardly affects the floor space needed for a tub.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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