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When a couple gets married, after the day they need to prepare for something that is very daunting. And it is- preparing space to keep their all gift which they got as their wedding gift. Gifting photo frames, wine glasses, expensive dinner set, and China set is so cool but have you think they are very common. Moreover, this where they will keep them? So, to avoid such situations gift something that is useful and that will actually mean for the couple.

Consider some from the below options, this might help you.

Couple watches:-

Lookout for a classic pair of couple watch. They can pick it on their drawers or table and this will come in their daily use. And they will memorize you whenever they carry it.


If you are aware of the likes and dislikes of the couple like- where would like to go for the trip or whether they like to go for an adventurous sport. You can gift them the passes of the river rafting camp, bungee jumping or even a wine tour. This will be a different gift from all.

Customized Wine Bottles:-

If you know that the couple loves wine and them very much fond of it, then you a gift them a personalized wine set. This can be a perfect gift for them. A couple will enjoy their night with your wine.


Avoid gifting the couple usual painting items of random people or something religious. Everyone’s taste of choice differs from each other. Instead, opt for gifting them something quicker, get a caricature artist to create a caricature of the couple.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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