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Why we are saying that planks are best-friends? Because you need core power to perform it and need to focus on your strength. For entering the plank series, you can start by doing a simple plank for 30 seconds and then try to increase the time period. It is a beginner’s level, and when you think that you have developed enough strength to go next level then try full plank passe twist.

The full plank passe twist involves muscles such as- Abs, hips, shoulders, and back. The exercise gives your body core strength and makes your hands and legs strong. For doing plank you don’t need any equipment. You can do it at your home easily.

Planks include different forms such as-

- Normal Plank
- Side Plank
- Side Plank with Elbow on Bosu Ball
- Full plank passe twist
- Kneeling side plank with leg lift
- Rolling side plank

Every plank is made for strengthening and for cutting fat from the whole body. While starting it is recommended that you should start with normal plank and then move forward to another level.

For doing Full plank passe twist you need to do two steps and they are elaborated below.

Step 1:-

Start in push-up position with your hands shoulder-width apart and beneath your shoulders. Keep your feet hip-width apart so your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles.

Step 2:-

Tighten your abs and bend one knee 90 degrees, sweeping it across your body. Make sure to bring your hip along with you, rotating slightly on the ball of the foot that's on the floor. Return to the starting position to repeat with your other leg.

The exercise will reduce back pain, strengthen your legs and arms and cut your belly fat.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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