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Libraries are not that much boring if you think so. You can find many interesting books and besides this, if you are lucky enough to notice then you can also get the chance to see some hilarious things around.

The following list is the collection of the photos captured by the visitors from their everyday libraries. These libraries contain such creative designs that will surprise you as they are spiced up with hilarious and creative twists.

Here you will find from clever wordplay to funny signs to enchanting building entrances to organize books by nudity on the covers of the books, these protect went on so hilariously beyond to bring the extra magic of the imagination.

So let’s see some of them:

#1 A Notice Found On A Bookshelf, “Guys Who Have Lost Their Shirts”.

#2 This Signboard In A University With The Number Of The Library Police.

#3 Every Year In A School Library Its Librarian Dresses Up In A Book Keep Avatar To Collect Overdue Books

#4 This Library Perfectly Know How To Attract Children… Right!

#5 This Library Tells You How Much Money You’ve Saved By Using The Library

#6 The Mystery Section In San Jose State University's Library Has A Secret Bookshelf

#7 Want To Go On A Blind Date? Go With Books, This Will Prevent You To Be A Judgemental.

#8 This Entrance To The Kids Section At Our Local Library

#9 This Library Has Vault You Can Go Into To Talk On Your Phone

#10 This Library Likes To Play Games

#11 Gigantic Books At The Entrance Of A Public Library In France

-Simran Bhatnagar
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