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If you think that you can only find great buildings, statues or mesmerizing sites only on dry lands, then you are wrong. Think again! Tow-third of the Earth’s surface is filled occupied by water, and there you will find some mind-blowing pieces of architecture that once existed on land, but now submerged in the water due to flood and earthquake.

Whether you love exploring historical things or just fascinated to see these aquatic features, we have listed some of them and will let you know that where you can find them.

So, let’s go!

1. Underwater Museum of Art (Cancun, Mexico)

The place is also known as Museo Subacuático de Arte (MUSA), the museum is located under the water surrounding Cancun, Punta Nizuc and Isla Mujeres. The place contains over 5oo sculptures- both life-sized and monumental. And they are made by Jason deCaires Taylor and five other artists.

2. Neptune Memorial Reef (Florida, US)

Near Miami you will find an artificial reef east of Key Biscayne, it is a memorial site. The remains of those who are cremated can be placed in one of the reef’s structures after their death.

3. Green Lake (Tragoess, Austria)

In winter the place goes frozen and become three to seven feet deep pond, but in summer when the snow melts it converts into an underwater park. During summer water runoff from the mountain (when the snow melts) flood the lake and submerges the surrounding trees, footpaths, and bridges. The lake goes green and looks like a fairy-tale.

4. Weeki Wachee Springs (Florida, US)

It is the only place in the U.S where the guests find live mermaids. Women wearing fishtail and other fancy glittered outfits and perform underwater. Here you can immerse yourself in the cheerful world of underwater and bubbles.

5. Christ of the Abyss (Florida, U.S.)

The statue of Jesus Christ is the major attraction among the divers and the photographers. This submerged statue of Jesus Christ is one of the prominent versions of Italy’s Christ of the Abyss installation.

Simran Bhatnagar
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