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When a woman gets pregnant and day-by-day her child grows meanwhile her tummy also grows. But it is not only the reason for a woman to have a big belly. If you spot any lady with the big swollen tummy in metro or bus, think twice before giving her seat because it might not be her baby bump.

Ladies can have many bumps for example- it can be food bump, alcohol bump, menstrual bump or bloated bump. Before giving your hard-earned seat after struggling so much in the crowd while traveling to Delhi metro, I suggest you to think again!

Other than genuine baby bump ladies have different kinds of belly bumps, so let’s see what they are:

Food Bump

I know you might be saying that no… no… I eat in a manner, I know how much I need to eat. But once a lady has her favorite food in front of her, she forgets her gym routine, dieting, and even about her slim-fit dress. And here you have a- Food Bumps.

Alcohol Bump

Yes, you can also develop a big belly after drinking a lot of beer or alcohol. If, you want to control your alcohol bump, stop drinking. If also save you from a hangover and by late mornings for the office.

Monthly Bump

Every month each lady go through her monthly menstrual problems, and some have to tolerate so much pain, bloating and so on which results into a swollen belly. And this not last or one or two hours, your swollen menstrual bumps peek out of your dress for one two days.

Bloated Bump

Having constipation girls? Ok, now you are going to have a big belly for a day or until your digestive system doesn’t come on its track.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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