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Don’t we feel absolutely uncomfortable when we find out that our tummies are jutting out a little much? I know how uncomfortable and low-confidence it feels when tummy peeks out off the top or a dress. It feels so irritating- no crop tops and no slim fit dresses!

Be it man or a woman no one like to have a tummy that is big and protruding. But, the main problem is that- no matter how much we throw ourselves into gym and sweat, no matter how much we get into the shape. Belly fat or a bloated belly is the thing that is reoccurring. it not only irritates, but it also can give rise to various health issues.

So, let us see the different ways of swollen tummies:

#1 Belly Caused By Alcohol:

This is very simple, as much as you drink too much alcohol, your tummy will start growing. The best way to deal with an alcohol tummy is to stop drinking too much alcohol. And, this solution is so obvious, isn’t it?

#2 Belly Caused By Gas:

Nothing is worse than having bloated belly full of gas inside. And those silently (sometimes not-so-silent) releasing the bomb of gas is such an irritating thing. This is extremely unhealthy and uncomfortable, ignoring this is not the solution whenever you have it go and consult a good doctor.

#3 Belly Caused By Hormone

Sometimes belly fat can happens not due to eating wrong, instead due to not any particular fault. And it happens because of the hormonal imbalance. When you trap in the situation like this, you cannot do anything about it. However, we can only prescribe you to consult a good doctor.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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