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There is no doubt we all love doing experimenting with our hair and hairstyles, right? And for most of us, it simply begins with bleaching your hair in grey, browns, red, blue and so on- there is nothing more satisfying than having a fresh new look. Whether the new look is for a wedding, birthday, for a new job or just because we need it, reasons don’t matter. But the thing that matters is to fulfill the hunger for a fresh look. If your life is getting bored and so-not-exciting, a gorgeous hair transformation is all that you need.

As much as I love the thrill of getting new hair color or highlighting my strikes, there is also a thrill in you for opting a hair color that is outside your comfort zone. If you are bored with your natural hair color that is dark or warm, going for grey or blond color must cross your mind once. So, if you are ready to get your hair colored, go for it, but before doing it you need to something about coloring your hair.

Before bleaching your hair you need to prepare them. So, here we have listed some important points below for you:

#1 Before getting your hair bleached, remember your hair is virgin and completely natural unprocessed hair. No matter what bleaching hair product you are going to use, it will make your hair more sensitive than before and drier. Hence make sure you don’t undergo hair coloring three months before you bleach it.

#2 Don’t give your hair the treat of shampoos and hair products containing sulfates and alcohol. After bleaching your hair use gentle products made from natural ingredient.

#3 If you have super dry hair and your hair tangles a lot, then start using conditioner. Conditioner will keep your hair moisturized, and if you don’t use conditioner than make sure that you start using it two weeks prior bleaching it.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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