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Workplace or offices are all about working eight to nine hours, right? But still we all are human, and at some point, we as well feel irritated and come in the mood “I can’t work more”. If you are also in the same state, feeling work’s pressure even after office hours, then you really need to relax your mind. But, never thought of giving up, because, after all the tensions and stress, there are still solutions to calm down your mind at the workplace.

Do Some ‘Cubical Yoga’

The exercise is meant to let you feel rejuvenated, so we suggest you to do this during your lunch and tea break to kick stress out of your mind. The exercise includes meditation and breathing, will make you feel calm.

Clear Clutter

If you keep your office cabin or table un-cleaned, this may also one of the reasons for your stress. As the piles of paper and other clutter on the desk can make you more stressful the other things. So, don’t avoid them, clean the clutter today. Try this, it will give peace to your mind surely.

Maintain To-Do List

In between so many works at the office, many times we forget about small things, and when your boss or any team-mate about the work, it feel embarrassing if you have done that work and forget about it. So it is better to make a to-do list of your daily work. This will help you in remembering what have to do and at what time.

Take A Break

If your mind is not proceeding with the work ahead, and you are stuck with a matter and can’t see for the solution ahead, move ahead. Get away from your work for a few minutes, have snacks, drinks, listen to a song, watch a short comedy video and then return after a break. You are bound to look at it differently.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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