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A pregnant sperm whale found dead on a sandy beach outside, she came by the force of waves on Porto Cervo, a resort town on Italy island of Sardina, and this happened last week. To operate the whale and to find you what is inside her womb, when finally scientists and veterinarians cut her womb and stomach, to see if they're a baby or something else, shockingly they found a perturbing sight: sadly it was a dead baby whale, and nearly 50 pounds of plastic unwanted waste blocked the whale’s belly.

When the experts measured how much area the plastic covered the area, they found that more than two-thirds of her stomach were filled with the plastic, and this considerably the cause of her and her baby’s death. They could also see the leftovers of some of the squid she'd eaten—but the poor whale didn’t know that the nutrients from that food couldn’t be made as it was plastic. Her intestines were blocked by the morass of plastic waste and this harmed her.

“I never saw such big quantity of plastic,” said Luca Bittau, a marine biologist at SAME Sardinia.

Our negligence for the environment and animals including all the species somewhere affect their whole life, greatly. The place where the whale found is a famous tourist destination, and because of the human interaction more than required, harming the place so much. The sinking of the plastic waste in the sea and floating on the sea bead, where whale and family stay makes so much difficult for the whole family to live. And the example to support my comment is in front you- the dead whale’s body.

“Plastics are now found everywhere in the world, throughout the entire marine ecosystem and food chain, from seabirds to sea turtles to seals,” says Nick Mallos, the director of the Trash Free Seas program at the Ocean Conservancy, “It’s a truly global problem with inputs that are at a massive scale, and we’re seeing the impacts grow and grow.”

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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