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As the season finale is out and wait of the GOT fans reached to its end, only true Game of Thrones fans will understand the level of enthusiasm and impatience currently all are having right now. “Our nerves are full with excitement instead of blood”, a fan told.

The two years wait has come to its end but the torture and even though we are waiting with bated breath for the season 8, it also comes with the bittersweet realization that no more season, no more GOT after this finale season.

After the season final what will keep GOT alive- it is the fans that GOT had earned since the year and the hot discussion communities. But in all these discussions about GOT have you ever thought which country has the craziest GOT fans? Based on views, online discussions, and hashtags, here are the top 3 countries who love Game of Thrones the most.

1. USA

The United States of America won this list as well, from leading the online discussion session about Game Of Thrones in the forums to coming up with many fan fictions, the GOT fever in The USA is strong. Among all the other American states, Washington DC seems to be the biggest fan of GOT.

2. United Kingdom

As we know most of the cast of GOT is from the UK including the stars like Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner hailing, it is only so obvious that their people will support them and their work. And GOT being the most watched and popular web series all around the world, the UK has a huge fan following. In fact, a lot of Game of Thrones is actually inspired by British History and of course, author George R.R.

3. India

India is the most famous Asian country for its culture, music, food, and so on. But on the list, India also has so many fans of GOT. Either it is about discussion forums and spinning the beans out conspiracy theories. In fact, India has the largest GOT fans among all the Asian countries.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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