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Most men think that women are completely different from them, so it's almost impossible to understand, let alone. It is this huge understanding gap that prevents many men and women from building the relationship they really want (their women really want to be with them) - a great person!

To understand how to be a good boyfriend or husband and help your relationship thrive, you first need to understand women's expectations of men.

Here I have listed the top 3 things that a woman wants secretly in her men.

A man always proud of and respect

You being comfortable and confident in your skin and in the way you are in any situation is the thing she wants. She will be showing off to her family, and her friends and you definitely want that to go well. You should have an ambition (not probably to rule the world or to dominate your partner), the ambition to do something that shows commitment, discipline, and strong work ethics and so on. Always, be good at your work, and be yourself.

A man who respects her

She wants that you should always respect her. You can show this to her by saying polite things to her, like thank you, apologizing immediately when you are wrong. Or you can even take to a surprise date just to make her day special. Except her, as she is, but if you notice any wrong habit politely make her understand about it and help her in changing that.

Be the man with she feels connected to

In many relationships, I have seen that couples don’t share many things with each other that creates so many misunderstandings. But don’t let your relationship fly in this situation, connect with her emotionally and ask what she feels on every particular thing. Share your things with her, this makes your relationship stronger and will bring trust from both ends.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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