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As we are in almost mid of the year and the days (even nights, as well) are getting warmer, soon your friends taking leaves will going to call you for a pool party. As the summer means pool parties, grilled chicken and chilled beer, right, but what about the games that will make your party keep on going?

So if you are looking for some interesting pool games, scroll through some ideas. These will make your party so interesting even if you are parting with family or friends.

Inflatable Ring Toss Game

This pool game is so popular that it has always been there in one or another form, and it always a good time while playing it. According to our version of the game, players can either wear the flamingo hats on their head or let them glide in the water as they compete to see who can get more rings around the bird’s long pink neck.

Water Jousting

The game is so funny for the players as well as for the viewers. In the game, two opponents will sit on their respective logs and both will try to knock each other. The player who knocked out first and fell in the water will lose and another one will automatically win the game.

Underwater Treasure Hunt

Many times you have played treasure hunt game for sure but on the ground. And here the twist is that you have to find your treasure under the water and you know about the visibility under the water.

Beach Ball Questions

Beach Ball is very common, you might have already played the game before many times. But this time you will play the game with a twist. You have to make to teams and while playing the game ask questions. As much as you will give the right answers you will win.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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